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we deliver

product & package design

1. Industrial design

2. Electro-mechanical design concept phase 

3. Prototyping

digital design

Product or technology animation

infographics and animation

Abstract technical details translated into lively visuals for investor / customer / consumer

launch package

Everything needed for a crowdfunding campaign or stakeholder review, includes product & package structure design, digital design, and infographics

concept visualization

1. Sketch & mock-up

2. 2D & 3D rendering

3. Storyboard & animation

4. Proof-of-principle prototype

design research

1. Technology scouting

2. Product landscape

3. Design language study

4. Ergonomics evaluation

design for manufacturing

1. Color & process development

2. First Out of Tool improvement

3. β€‹Pre-series usability check

post-launch services

1. Tiering & cost-saving design

2. CMFT expansion and modification

3. Complaint analysis

brands we've worked for in the past careers and recent business